Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior. May the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you and divine revelation and understanding is granted to you by the grace of God to understand every Word and also the message and all the statements contained therein by the grace of God.

We look back to a great weekend of meetings, from all over Europe, from Africa and different continents and countries we were gathered to hear the Word of God. We are also reminded on Psalms 50: "Gather my people unto me… that they might hear my words." [v.5, 5M 4:10]

I'd like to read, before I say a few things, from Romans chapter 1 verse one and two: "Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, Which he had promised before by His prophets in the Holy Scriptures…" 

The gospel promised by the prophets in the Holy Scriptures.

Then I shall read from Galatians chapter 4 verse 30: "Nevertheless what saith the scripture?"

Beloved, as you understand, there are many, many different opinions, interpretations about the Scriptures, about the message of the hour. But, beloved, if the respect of God is with us we go back to the Old Testament, we go back to the New Testament and we take everything back and place it in the original context given to us by the Holy Word of God. So please remember: We are preaching and teaching the gospel of God promised by the prophets in the Old Testament and recorded in the Holy Scriptures. So God does all things according to His Word and you can check it. You can go back to the first coming of Christ when over 800 promises from the Old Testament were fulfilled and our Lord, after His resurrection, gathered His disciples and showed them that all the Scripture says, be it by Moses, the Psalms, the prophets, everything had come to fulfillment.

Beloved, the same our Lord does today, He goes back to His own Word, not one interpretation, not one explanation, but back to the Word of God. Now if you look into history we understand the great commission our Lord gave to our beloved brother William Branham and I say this with pleasure, with gratefulness to the Lord God who gave me the privilege to know His servant personally, eat with him at the same table, drive with him in the same car, be in his meetings in Germany and in the USA, even, as I said before, he asked me to preach for him in Los Angeles and also in Oakland, California. But what I want to say is this, and it's connected with the question: Why are there so many directions? And they all say “We believe the message…” and everybody takes a statement from here, from there and makes his own teachings. Beloved, the time has come to return to the Word of God completely and this was the ministry of brother Branham – to take us back to God, back to the Word, back to the foundation, back to the teachings of the apostles that our hearts are turned as it was in the days of Elijah and in the days of the ministry of John the Baptist. The Lord God turned the hearts of His people to believe Him and to see the Word fulfilled. In the same way the ministry given to William Branham and the message is connected to one special purpose to take us out of all confusion, from all directions, from all religious programs and bring us into the plan of salvation for this day.

And, beloved, when we read in the prophet Daniel that the book should be closed and sealed right to the time of the end and then we hear brother Branham say, having received the divine commission that the seven-seal book should be open… He was given that direct commission. And when this took place – I love it, I just love it because it was one of the greatest experiences God gave to His prophet on February 28, 1963, when by a divine commission…, and he told me this personally: "Brother Frank, the Lord showed me about the appearing of the supernatural cloud and He told me to go to Tucson." And, brothers and sisters, because I knew brother Branham personally and also his ministry, then when he gave his testimony how the earthquake came, how the seven thunderclaps moved the whole area, how did the storm cut the tops of the trees, how the rocks were moving down the mountains… These eyes have seen the trees bent down like this, these eyes have seen the rocks which had come down the mountain. So by the grace of God I understand why brother Branham mentions thunders over 80 times. Why? Because of that special commission and experience he had and because there is no other Scripture speaking about seven thunders he referred to Revelation chapter 10. But we understand by the grace of God what is going to happen in Revelation chapter 10 when the Angel of the Covenant with a rainbow around Him will come and set His foot on land and see as the original owner having the book in His hand, the open book in His hand and raising the other hand towards heaven and swearing by Him that lives forever and ever that time shall be no more.

And what happened then? The announcement: "when the seventh trumpet angel will sound, the mystery of God will be finished." [v.7] And then in reference to the seven thunders: "…write them not." [Rev 10:4] So they did not become part of the written Word of the Holy Scriptures. I'm responsible for the Holy Scriptures. "If you believe in me as the Scripture says…" [Jn 7:38] – this is the Holy Scriptures from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. I believe what this Word says. And I repeat the ministry of brother Branham was to bring us back to God, back to the Word, back to the true teachings and everything, even the seven seals, were revealed and we are so grateful. Here is the book. I translated the book The Seven Seals right after brother Branham preached this in 1963. I am acquainted with the message but before I knew brother Branham and before I knew about the message I knew my Lord, my Savior and, beloved, I do have a great responsibility to share the Holy Word of God. I've said never in all the over 55 years, I never preached anything except what's written in the Word of God. Never did I say anything “it could be” or “it should be”. No, I preached in certainty the Word of God [2Cor 1:18]. But even there, beloved, in Daniel chapter 12 verse 7, the angel could raise both hands towards heaven and swear that there will be only 3 1/2 years to the very end. Beloved, in the New Testament, after the opening of the seals this same Angel of the Covenant has the open book in one hand and only raises the other hand towards heaven. It will be, from that moment, a time, times and a dividing of time.

Let me say this in love: If you cannot respect the holy Word of God, close the Bible, please, close the Bible. And if you chew chewing gum while listening to the sermons of Brother Branham, you should be ashamed. May the respect before God come upon you that you will have divine access to the mysteries written in the Holy Scriptures. Like it says in the verses we read to you: “God promised in the Holy Scriptures” and then: What does the Scripture say? And our Lord says "If you believe in me as the Scripture says." [Jn 7:38] Have respect towards God and also respect towards the Word of God.

Let us summarize. I'm so grateful for the ministry of William Branham. And he made the statement 18 times and four times we shall give this statement in the new circular letter where he states that not he, but the message given to him will forerun the second coming of Christ.

Beloved, by the grace of God we have had the privilege to take the original message that was revealed to William Branham, the original Word of God, the Holy Scripture with all the promises we have taken to the ends of the earth. And now the return of Christ, the second coming of Christ is very, very near and all the signs point to that great event. Our Lord said: "When you see all these things come to pass then you know it's near, even at the door." [Mt 24:33] May God give you the grace to place everything brother Branham said right into the Word of God so that you know you say what the Scripture says.

May the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you and you will understand, especially the ministering brethren in all nations. You will understand brother Frank has reached his 85th year and I'm not able to travel every month as I used to through all of the past years, but by the grace of God all over the earth people listen to the message of the hour. We now have over 10,000 who join us in all the countries on earth and we are reaching over a million believers all over the earth with the true Word of God, with the message that foreruns the second coming of Christ.

This is the day the Lord has made. Respect God, respect His Word, believe as the Scripture says and you will be part and having part in what God is doing now and finally when the Lord returns we shall see Him and be with Him when He takes us in the rapture to the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Please, one more remark: God will never take confusion to heaven. God will never take those who cause wrong teachings and have people follow them. Jesus Christ will take His own He purchased by His holy blood, He sanctified by the holy Word of God and sealed by the Holy Spirit. There is no confusion in the Word, the Holy Scripture is plain and true, no confusion in the church of the living God and by the grace of God we shall soon meet our Lord when He returns and takes us to glory. Thanks be to God in Jesus' holy name. Amen.