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Video Summary - April 2018 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary Video - april 2018

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International mission Center in Krefeld, Germany.

We look back to a most blessed weekend of meetings, Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday, and we remembered the Scriptures and what our Lord has done for us when He paid the price, shed His blood and gave us complete redemption.

We also spoke briefly about what God is doing now worldwide. I returned from my March trip through India, Bangkok and then up to Manila – 12 times going up, coming down, but sharing the precious and holy Word of God, reminding the true believers what our Lord said and how brother Branham was commissioned to bring the message that would forerun His second coming. And of course we have to go back and it's written here: “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message that is given you will be a forerunning of the second coming of Christ.” “Not that I would be a forerunner but the message would be the forerunner.” (February 9, 1957)

So by the grace of God we know brother Branham referred a number of times to this direct, supernatural commission connected to the second coming of Christ. And before going into this subject let me read Hebrews chapter 10 verse 14:

“For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.” 

By one sacrifice at the Cross of Calvary when our Lord shed His blood, the blood of the New Covenant, we were redeemed, justified, perfected and sanctified in His Word.

Beloved, whatever God does is perfect and here we have the answer in God's holy Word. So we look back very quickly to all the Old Testament prophecies about redemption, about the Savior.

We read in Psalms 22, we read Isaiah 53, we read all the Scriptures even those about His resurrection. We read Psalms 16: “I will not leave His soul in hell nor His body to see corruption.” We read Psalms 47: “The Lord went up with a shout and with the sound of a trumpet.” 

And when we go to the New Testament, we see our Lord and Savior on His way to Calvary, going through Gethsemane praying “Not my but thy will be done”. And then crying on the cross “It is finished!” – John chapter 19.

And then we go to the resurrection, our Lord rose on the third day, he conquered death and hell, the grave, and by the grace of God we have received complete redemption and through the complete redemption we are perfected forever and ever and those He called He justified and you can read it in the precious and holy Word of God what our Lord has done for us.

And even if you go to the Old Testament when the promise God gave to Abraham was to be fulfilled the Lord appeared to Moses, you read in Exodus, the Lord appeared to Moses and said: “I remember my promise, I have come down to deliver.” But here is the key Scripture in Exodus: not only a message “Let my people go!”, not only “Come out and serve me!” 10 times “Let my people go”, “Let my firstborn son go”, but not only the message “Let my people go” but then you come to chapter 12 when the Lord commanded that the passover, the lamb is killed and the blood is put on the doorposts.

Beloved, don't speak only about the message, about calling out, speak about the Lamb of God, about the blood that was shed for those who are coming out to serve the Lord and to say with all the heart: “not my but thy will be done”. Because only in the will of God, which is found in the Word of God, we can be sanctified and only then the Lord can put His seal upon us.

Let us summarize what we have to say in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. God used brother Branham, according to the promises of the Old Testament, especially Malachi chapter 4, our Lord confirmed in the New Testament in Matthew 17:11: “Truly Elijah shall first come and restore all things.” The keyword in the message is “restore”, not to start a new religion, no interpretations, but being restored to God, to His holy Word, to the foundation laid by the apostles and prophets, not adding one word, but being restored to God and to His Word.

And, friends, I have to say this with a broken heart. Having travelled again, noticing all the different directions and all refer to the prophet and all believe what they interpret for themselves and nobody respects the Word of God. What should I say? I repeat what brother Branham was told that the message given to him, not a new message but the original Word of God being restored. So that is the original message: come back to God, come back to His Word, come back to the foundation, come back to the teachings of the apostles, come back to the same experiences our brothers and sisters had at the very beginning and then never forget the message was “Let my people go!” The message today “my people, come out from among them and be ye separate, says the Lord, and don't touch any unclean thing.” So the message is very, very clear. But here not only the message, but then we see the sacrifice, we see the Lamb of God and the preaching of the apostle Paul: I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified. And he could say: “I am crucified with Him, now I live no more, but Christ lives His life through me.” If you look around and I'm not judging, but I say it with a broken heart, all walk in their own ways, they don't teach and preach about Calvary, now “the prophet said, the prophet said…” Why do they not once say the Bible says? Why not? To me, and I'm honest, to me what the prophet says is what the Bible says and what the Bible says the prophet said. If you make two different things you are deceived, you are under a wrong inspiration. If you tell me the prophet said so-and-so and you don't go back to the Word of God something is wrong with you because the prophet said: “Never accept anything unless it's written in the Word of God.” Why don't you go back to all the statements the prophet made to emphasize the infallibility of the Word of God, to emphasize that the true Word of God comes to the prophet? This true Word of God has come to the prophet, from Genesis to Revelation.

And, beloved, today is April 3rd, yesterday was April 2nd and I was reminded by many all over the world, they were writing, calling and saying: “Brother Frank, 56 years ago, on April 2nd, 1962, which was a Monday morning, you heard the audible, all-penetrating voice of the Lord for the first time in your life.” And that's the truth as certain as this is the Word of God. Yes, I, brother Frank, heard the audible, all-commanding, all-penetrating voice of the Lord saying these words: “My servant, your time for this city will soon be over, I will send you to other cities to preach my Word.” And with one blow I was on the carpet. You can never imagine what such an experience, what a direct divine commission and call, the responsibility before God Almighty to share the last message.

There will be no message after this. Why wasn't Martin Luther, John Wesley, John Smith, why was nobody in the past 500 years receiving a commission that his message would forerun the second coming of Christ?

Beloved brothers and sisters, we are absolutely very, very near to the physical bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ. God took His servant on my birthday, December 24, 1965, but from that time the message given to that man of God I have taken to the ends of the world. And, beloved, because of that divine commission those who have their own interpretation really hate me, yes, yes, they just hate me, I don't know why because I have to stay with the Word of God.

But just for your information, in these past over 50 years I travelled every month to the different nations and now we are serving precisely directly 172 nations, serving God and serving His people, preaching the Word of God, sharing the food that was put in store, sharing the the mysteries that were revealed to the prophet and this is my ministry in a twofold way: to preach the Word (2 Timothy chapter 4: preach the Word it be in time or out of time, and the second part: store in the food and the time has come to do both: to preach the Word of God and to share the spiritual food that was put in store).

Beloved brothers and sisters, I say again, not only a message, but let us come to Calvary. May the blood be applied and those who say the mercy is over, you misunderstood, you misunderstood, and therefore the blood is still on the Mercy seat and we do believe with all our heart that the Lord Himself will finish His work. Brother Branham has done his part, I've done my part and all the brothers all over the world share the same food, stay in the Word of God and the Lord Himself will finish His redemption work as He finished His creation work.

Blessed be His holy name now and forever. Hallelujah. Amen.