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Presentation of the mission work Free people's mission Inc. Krefeld / Ewald Frank

6. William M. Branham

We believe and accept with gratitude that God has sent William Branham as a chosen vessel in our time as He did with Paul. Both have received a very similar supernatural calling and commission and were placed into the Church of the living God as a whole. As the Bible confirms and the international church history records, God has always called men for special tasks. In the historical churches and also in the free churches those who were used especially since the Reformation are well known. According to the Word of God we now live in the last prophetic part of the time of grace and therefore God according to His promise has not sent a reformer but rather a true prophet, a seer. William M. Branham was the only one in our time who could point to a day and an hour of his divine call and therefore is a man sent from God as was John the Baptist at the first coming of Christ. As all the renowned evangelists in the USA can confirm that he was the one God used after the Second World War to bring about the breakthrough in the spiritual renewal movement and healing revival which has spread throughout the whole earth. Because of his ministry the many evangelists started their work, even the coming into existence of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship and the various charismatic movements in reality derive from his ministry. Of course all the others remained in their inherited doctrinal frame work. Brother Branham was the only one whose teachings and practice were according to the apostolic pattern. In his sermons he also brought forth the mysteries hidden in God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. He had a true confirmed prophetic ministry and remained within the boundaries of God’s Word. For William Branham the Bible was God’s absolute. Many a times he said, »My words are the words of a man which can fail, but God’s Word which I preach can never fail and remains for ever.«

The statement about the year 1977 found in the book »The Exposition of the Seven Church Ages« is internationally known. People are not aware of the fact that this utterance does not originate with William Branham, where upon we place the emphasis. It comes from Dr. Lee Vayle who was the one who composed the book. Because some have calculated that 1977 would be the 70th jubilee the statement came into existence that world systems would terminate and the Millennial reign would be ushered in. In December 1972, E. Frank already clarified this matter in a circular letter stating that this quote does not come from the lips of William Branham. This was held against me by the »Branham followers« who were still propagating that all the contents of the book are to be ascribed to William Branham. The »Free people’s mission« in Krefeld has nothing to do with the so-called »Branham groups« who have left the scriptural foundation. We are in fellowship with the Body of Christ within the Church of the living God continuing the same ministry that was God ordained in our time. To us the Holy Scripture applies in all things. Teachings which some refer to as »Branham doctrines« but are not found in the Scripture originate in misunderstandings of the different interpretations. As it was and is being done with the Scripture Itself, the letters of Paul, as Peter writes, the same was done by brethren who have twisted the things their own way. History has repeated as in every denomination so in this last revival. Branham is not the founder of a new religion, not a man who brought a new denomination into existence, he was a man sent from God to the people of God with the original Word of God and we were brought back to the true proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The »Free people’s mission« at Krefeld does not look upon prophets, apostles or men of God as to be an object of faith, but rather as special tools in the hand of God. They are being received by those who believe the promises in God’s Word as written in the Holy Scriptures. Whenever a direct calling and commission is given to someone then the words of our Lord are fulfilled, »He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me. He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward« (Mt. 10: 40-41) and »… He that receiveth whomsoever I send receiveth me; and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me …« (Jn. 13: 20).

What will be with all who bypass the God sent ministry, if the following statement Bro. Branham claims to have heard when he received his commission is true, »As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message that is given you will be a forerunner of the second coming of Christ!«?

Should anyone be interested to know more about Bro. Branham’s ministry or to receive any literature, feel free to contact the Mission center.

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