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Circular December 1999 / Ewald Frank

3. Israel in Prophecy

The return of the Jews into the promised land of their fathers is one of the main promises for the end-time. When all the predictions found in the Scriptures, especially the one of the fig tree receiving life again, are fulfilled, then the believers shall lift up their heads for the redemption is drawing near.

As we hear in the news over and again, the peace process with Israel and the Palestinians to be done by September 2000. The negotiating parties are already touching on the status of Jerusalem which will satisfy both sides.

From the viewpoint of Bible prophecy this is not yet the seven-year-covenant spoken of in Daniel 9: 27. These are regional negotiations according to the Oslo agreements. Finally, when the main contract will be made, Rome/Vatican will join the negotiations, as the concern then will be not only Jerusalem but Mount Zion which is the Temple mountain. Only through the mediation of the Vatican as the highest religious authority the Arabs will consent and the Jews will get permission to build the Temple. Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel. At the same time it will be acknowledged as the city which gave birth to the three world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Brother Branham said, the Bride will be gone before this predicted covenant will be made, »And this prince in that time is to make a covenant with Daniel’s people, which is the Jew. That is when the Bride is taken out. She won’t see it.« (The Revelation of the Seven Seals, pg. 167). If we follow the developments in that area, then we realise that all these negotiations and contracts already lead to the final covenant. For those belonging to the Bride of Christ this means: The time is at hand, yeah, it is at the door (Mt. 24: 33).

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