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Circular December 1999 / Ewald Frank

4. Mission Report

The year 1999 goes into history as an outstanding blessing in the Kingdom of God. Never before did I make so many trips during twelve months, never before did I speak to so many people as in this year. God has opened the doors all over the world: in the Far East countries, South and Central America right up to Cuba, also the Eastern European countries, including Siberia and even 335 km east of the city Novosibirsk. Many times we had hundreds and in some countries even thousands coming to the meetings.

In this year I could speak in 35 Pentecost-charismatic oriented meetings. This has given me an insight to what is actually going on. I was given the pulpit and could share the message of the hour in the various congregations. Also by the 62 regional and national TV-messages many were reached. This we can tell by receiving letters, fax messages, e-mails and phone calls. Obviously God’s people are still scattered everywhere, and they need to be called out. Now we have the possibility to use TV-stations by which we can reach the whole world. From the first one more than 70 countries can be reached via satellite. From the second one in South American we can reach the 23 Spanish speaking countries including Mexico and Cuba. From the third one the rest of the world can be reached. Thanks be to God for such great opportunities.

Stepping into the next millennium, being aware that the time of grace might end soon, we shall endeavour to do the utmost. We are under great expectation, knowing the best is yet to come through the real promised restoration. Now we have the possibility to proclaim the everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom of God as a witness to all the world (Mt. 24: 14; Rev. 14: 6). God has also taken care of me, so I can speak a number of languages including English which is known and understood all over the earth. Such messages can then be translated into local languages.

From the Mission Center in Krefeld we serve believers in over 130 countries with literature that we print here in 10 different languages. Brother Alexis Barilier serves the French speaking nations in all of Africa from his base in Switzerland. Brother Etienne Genton takes care for the Italian speaking brothers and sisters. He has already joined Bro. Barilier on a number of mission trips. In different other countries brothers translate and share the spiritual food with God’s people.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you who permit us to serve you. Thank you for being faithful to the Lord and His work and also for keeping me up in your daily prayers. You have direct part in what God is actually doing now. Let us go forward with the Lord, not looking left or right, in obedience to the Word till we meet our Lord and Saviour and Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

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