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Jesucristo es el mismo ayer, y hoy, y por los siglos. Heb.13.8


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There is increasing tension in the world, as we are nearing the turn of the century. People are asking what the next millennium will bring. The expectations for the immediate future are of course very different. The majority of the experts show optimism; they are confident that it will be possible to solve the threatening problems humanity is facing, and that everything will continue as it has until now. Others seem to be in the end-time mood, being in distress because of social injustice, unemployment, the drastic rise in crime, drug abuse, illnesses which were not known before, natural catastrophes of every kind over which we have no influence, disturbances and daily news about wars and turmoil. The ongoing changes are unstoppable, including the climate and the environment. Many say, »We do not understand this world any more!«, others confess fearfully to see the scriptural »Menetekel«, the handwriting on the wall, which obviously announces something. It takes people who find grace in the sight of God like Daniel, to read and understand this handwriting correctly, the message of warning showing the way of escape. It must be the message of the hour, based on the predictions of God’s Word for our time.

Faith once inherited has been lost since the age of illumination, as the many atrocities performed in the name of Christianity became known. Faith in science has become matchless. Creation they cannot refute, but have taken their stand against the Creator, denying Him because they don’t have eyes to see Him (Rom. 1: 18-23). In the natural every work praises the master and speaks of him. How can one separate the Creator from the majestic work of creation? In our generation many theologians have spread unbelief. Instead of placing their criticism on the institution called »the church« they, in spiritual blindness, direct it towards God and His Word. Being accepted by the public, they’ve made reputations for themselves. Simultaneously they have succeeded in causing many to doubt God’s Word, mocking the Lord of Glory and putting him to shame. Through achievements and multiple inventions, man became proud. Especially since the space age he has made himself the center of the universe. Young people are especially susceptible to doubt, which is being spread like never before. Finding disappointment in the established church, they turn away from the faith. Asking for reasons in life and seeking satisfaction and solutions for their problems, they turn to many things including drugs and Eastern religions.

»Global economy«, »world community«, »multicultural society«, these are all slogans for today. The separating lines between religion and ideologies are swept away and the common things are emphasised in order to move with the trends of the time. The human spirit of reconciliation is at work everywhere, but, sad to say, no one wants to be reconciled with God or His Word, on the contrary: they are separated from it, and seek to be reconciled with the confessions of other religions. At the same time the desire for truth, still in the conscience, is being put aside and the longing is being filled with religious or worldly substitutes. Everybody believes as he likes. In 1994 the United Nations, headquartered in New York, established a religious commission, which must play a part in the realisation of the New World Order. Among other things, their intent includes worldwide, uniformed worship. »New Age« is in!

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