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Many think they believe the Scripture, but in reality they don’t. To believe the Scripture means to respect every Word of God and act accordingly. The phrase is used, ”No other Gospel.” but in reality they have a totally different gospel, not the original of Jesus Christ and the apostles. Every Christian church claims to be biblical, but more or less have deviated from the Bible. It is necessary to search the Holy Scripture honestly to verify that the teachings and practice truly do agree with the Word of God.

Those who believe the Scriptures will defend what is written on its pages. They do not interpret anything into it to later read out of it. To them the words of our Lord apply, »He that believeth on me as the scripture hath said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water.« (Jn. 7: 38). They are not even interested in what church celebrities have left behind, who were contradicting, blaming, slandering and cursing one another. Those who truly stand with the Bible do not even care about what they said. Much of what they have written is pure nonsense, fantasy and tradition.

The esteemed church fathers didn’t stand on biblical ground in the Council of Nicea (325) and afterwards they did not step on scriptural soil. They believed and taught whatever they wanted. Its not recorded that any of these men had a personal relationship with Christ, a true conversion or a call to the ministry from the Lord. They looked upon Christendom as a mere religion and brought heathenism into Christianity. In their writings they were still using Bible terms, but have given them totally different meaning and designation, which are still in practise today in these formal churches. It is sad, as people remain with the theme but are not in the original Truth.

They apparently did not know the Old Testament or the plan of salvation, wherein Christ was appointed to suffer and die. They didn’t understand the Apostle Paul’s emphasis , » that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures …« (1 Cor. 15: 3). They did not comprehend the weight of Peter’s writings, »… Who his own self bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness …« (1 Pt. 2: 24). They are responsible for losing true doctrine, namely that the Redeemer had to take upon Himself our sin, guilt and even the curse that had come upon humanity which needed to be redeemed (Rom. 4: 25; Gal. 3: 13). Reconciliation and forgiveness through the atoning death of Christ, is the only way to eternal life. They didn’t even seem to take notice of this fact.

The »Shmah Israel« = »Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Lord!« (Dt. 6: 4) is an imperative, a command, but was not even considered by the church fathers. They spoke and thought with no regard to God or truth, this shows they had no personal relationship with God. Only through a true experience with Him do we receive this connection and have direct access to His Word.

Whether it is Tertullian, Clemens, Hippolyt, Julian, Origen, Marceon, Montanius, Sabellius, Athanasius, Arius, Hieronymus, Chrysostomos, Augustine and the rest of them: what they taught is not for Bible believing Christians. These men have left us a spiritual tohuwabohu, (a total mess). They didn’t know the only true God, the God of Israel, having no revelation of the salvation plan and no understanding of the self-manifestation of God in Christ. The foundation and everything else they laid in formal Christianity was wrong. The command for us now is: Get back to the original Word of God — to the true foundation of the apostles, prophets, and to their practice. So the way of God again can be taught truthfully and be prepared for us to walk on it (Lk. 20: 21; Acts 18: 24-26).

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