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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Heb.13.8


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In the Holy Scriptures we find the terms »ages«, »end-time«, »last days« among others. Such designations are important to the time line of God as they show various ages. It is something wonderful, that we are now in and experiencing the last part of the New Testament era. The final call in this time of grace is going forth.

Viewing the promised Return of Christ in God’s Word and the fulfilment of Bible prophecy, we understand the signs of the time. It is imperative to write an exposition about God and His Plan of Salvation with humanity. God’s Word, which does not change but remains forever, is the only valid authority. Thus saith the Lord , »Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.« (Lk. 21: 33). The Apostle Peter connects the Old with the New Testament and brings both as one whole, as he quotes the Prophet Isaiah, »But the word of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.« (1 Pt. 1: 25; Isa. 40: 8).

John, the seer, on the isle of Patmos predicted that the everlasting Gospel would be faithfully proclaimed to all the inhabitants of the earth (Rev. 14: 6). Our Lord has actually said the same, »and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come (Mt.24: 14). These predictions are being realised and fulfilled, as the same Gospel is now preached before the end. All peoples, tribes and languages are included, even those who do not have an understanding about God or a totally different one in comparison to the Holy Scriptures. The Gospel, which is now proclaimed, cannot be another one — it has to be the same original proclamation that existed at the very beginning. The Gospel carries the main proclamation: God was in Christ reconciling the world with Himself (2 Cor. 5: 19).

All prophets and men sent by God had to stand against the trend of their time. If God had not been with them, surely the tidal waves would have covered them. Every time God sent one of His servants, He made history. Those He sent were always like a foreign object and never fitted into the existing religious systems. They were divinely commissioned, doing the service and will of the Most High.

These men always had to swim against the religious current. They searched diligently in the Old and the New Testament until they reached the source itself. That is how they could see the difference between real biblical teaching and the doctrines handed down by church tradition.

Inasmuch as in post-apostolic times after Polycarp and Ireneus the men in Christendom, who exclusively came from heathenism, distanced themselves from Judaism and the Old Testament, they explained the New Testament according to their own views resulting in a totally different concept. It is significant that when the breaking away from Judaism occurred that was the same time when the Trinity doctrine came into Christendom. Not a single Christian who believes in the one God has ever hated the Jews. Deadly hatred and terrible accusations against the Jews were being heralded, claiming they were blind and rejected by God and so forth by those who represented the teaching of the trinity. During this transition period they were categorically accused as being guilty of killing Christ and even having murdered God. Of course, there was no more original foundation of the apostles and prophets left. This branch which had fallen away from the Word was united with worldly power. Thus began the most disastrous era in church history, known as the ”dark ages”.

The Trinity-dogma was proclaimed on 1st May, 381 A.D. by Cæsar Theodosius I as the »state religion« in the Roman Empire. In the year 443 Pope Leo I declared it to be binding to all Christians. Around the year 500 the priesthood began to wear uniformed cloth and were made civil servants. Thus the dividing line between clergy and the congregation was drawn. According to the testimony of the Scripture, the whole assembly of the redeemed is the »holy priesthood« (1 Pt. 2: 9; Rev. 1: 6). Then began the terrible thousand-year reign of the Roman State church until the breaking forth of the Reformation.

Since Christianity became a state religion, all Roman citizens had to bow to it. During the first century the Roman government had persecuted the Christian church, regardless of what type of branch it was. Now all were forced into the unity of this one church. History records the terrible crusades, which go into the account of the Trinity-church. The Roman Catholic Church is also responsible for all the problems of the Jews, religious wars, the Spanish inquisition and the persecution of the Waldenser, the killing of the Huguenots in France and much more.

Just at the turn of the first Christian millennium the worldly power totally submitted to the religious power, which won the upper hand and claimed superiority. Up till then the cæsars installed the Popes, then the Popes installed the cæsars. It was Pope Nicholas II who proclaimed this degree in the year 1059. Under the banner »In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost« all the crusaders received the churches orders and massacred uncounted innocent victims with the crucifix in one hand and the sword in the other hand. In the year 1096 Pope Urban II had given the order, as was agreed in the Council of Clermont in 1095, to capture Jerusalem and to occupy the tomb of Christ and set the whole area under Christian rulership. Altogether about 330,000 crusaders left France and Germany, of which only 40,000 under Gottfried of Bouillon finally reached Jerusalem. The Pope had said: »Deus lo vult« — »God wills it!« and so his subjects had to submit. The murderers received papal absolution for all the atrocities they would perform. Not only in Jerusalem, the blood streaming through the streets, whole areas were soaked with blood for centuries. In one crusade the man who wrote the biography of King Frederic II, who later was crowned king of Jerusalem, wrote into his diary, »Wading through blood we entered the holy city and fought until we reached the tomb of Christ — this is truly a holy war.« Human beings were slaughtered in mass like animals »in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost«. The Trinity-church has used her doctrine like a three-edged club without mercy to slay and to murder whole tribes.

The Popes being the main propagators of the Trinity teaching, as history ascribes, are responsible for all the atrocities done in the name of »Christian«/Catholic religion. They also ordered the public burning of the Talmud in the year 1244 and the burning of all Hebrew literature in 1731. They are responsible for all the expulsions of the Jews, for the persecution of those who believed differently. The massacres were part of their program. The Jews they cursed forever and those who did not join this state church were also cursed as heretics and persecuted.

Whole nations in Europe were declared by this church to be free from Jews: Spain 1492, Portugal 1496, and so on. In Poland alone 200,000 Jews were actually chopped to pieces in the year 1648. The history of the Popes is soaked with blood, with the blood of the Jews and the blood of faithful Bible believers who died as martyrs. The »final solution« was meant to take place in our time, when 6 million Jews, among them 1.5 million children, were killed.

Sad but true, the accusations propagated against the Jews by the Roman Church are still in the heads of the people today. Also Luther, born and raised as a Catholic, could not free himself from this attitude, even after having experienced conversion. Finally the hatred was manifested in the holocaust of the Catholic dominated Hitler-regime. Only since the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), the accusing statements against the Jews were finally taken out of the mass.

In an agreement the Vatican recognised Israel only on June 15th, 1994. From then on diplomatic relations exist between the two states. But whether the attitude is changed is questionable. Obviously the Vatican takes sides with the enemies of Israel.

The Jews have always preferred death, as they could not accept the Trinity, neither teaching nor the tri-une baptism. The same can be said with uncounted faithful Bible believing Christians. All who are honest should think about this fact. Right up till now fanatical trinitarians, whether in state churches or other churches, have the same hatred and express it towards those who believe the Bible.

If a teaching is right and has divine origin, then the outcome of it will leave behind the footprints of love, peace and blessing. The Jews never required the nations to be converted to their faith in the only true God. They did no mission work. Force is the mark of the Roman State churches in Christianising the nations. Wherever there is much power, there is also much misuse of power. That can be traced throughout history.

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