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Jesucristo es el mismo ayer, y hoy, y por los siglos. Heb.13.8


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Honoured reader,

The frame of this exposition did not allow me to go into detail on all the chapters and topics. In summary, it needs to be emphasised that the state church, which came into existence in the 4th/5th century, does not agree at all with the teachings and practice of the apostles and therefore is not the church of Jesus Christ. Also all other churches, which separated from the Church of Rome, do not agree with the original teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ. This ascertainment can be very painful. May the sadness caused lead to the knowledge of the will of God and bring forth the joy of the Lord, which is our strength. It cannot be left without contradiction that the right teachings are declared to be false and the false are placed as though they were right.

Everyone according to tradition is born into the organised church, baptised and observes the regulation therein: communion, confirmation, the last sacrament, and receiving the Lord’s Supper before death etc. It is done in good faith for salvation of the soul. In church traditions most remain to the end, but they are of no avail, as they have nothing to do with God, because He did not ordain them. Concerning Christ and the salvation of the soul these things are quite distant. As in the natural we are born into this world, so we must be born again by the Spirit. Only then do we have eternal life as a child of God. The true Church is made of these, who, regardless of their church affiliation, personally experience salvation through Jesus Christ. Everyone can have this experience regardless of colour and religion. God does not deal with an institution, but rather with each one personally.

Not one of the over three hundred different Christian churches united in the World Council of Churches or anyone else for that matter could transmit salvation. On the contrary: the works of men is obstructing the view of the Redeemer. Through all the unscriptural religious activities, handed down by tradition, people are only put off.

The true scriptural proclamation establishes the connection from God to men and from men to God. Only those who take God’s Word alone have received undefiled divine substance. As the Word remains forever, so will they who believe it remain with it forever.

After reading the manuscript before handing it over to the printer I said like Paul in 1 Cor. 13, »It is only done in part, not perfect.« But may God have His perfect way with each one and give light while reading. I was also reminded on what the Queen of the South said, »Not half of it was told.« The Bible is of such a character that after we are finished with a subject we can start all over again. It is a living Word and when illuminated by the same Holy Spirit who inspired the writers, divine revelation flows without ceasing.

Should the transatlantic English we use not suit every taste we apologise, but we need to serve all the ends of the earth and not just a particular country. Please overlook any grammatical and punctuation shortcomings. Thank you.

May all readers be blessed mightily. The grace and peace of God be with you. 

By His commission in His service

br. Frank

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