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Jezus Chrystus wczoraj, dzisiaj, ten sam i na wieki.Heb.13.8


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It needs to be mentioned that no human has influence upon the sovereign working of God. This applies also to the photo with the supernatural pillar of light, which certainly did not appear because William Branham desired it. He certainly had no influence over it. In the natural two press photographers, Mr. Ayers and Mr. Kipperman, who were critics, took pictures during the meeting; spiritually speaking, the Lord came down in the supernatural light as in Bible times. It happened on January 24th, 1950, in the Houston Colliseum, Texas, in the presence of about 8,000 people. A debate had taken place between Dr. Best, who denied that healings, and signs and wonders occur today, and Rev. F.F. Bosworth, who of course knew his Bible and had the upperhand in the debate.

This peculiar photo was developed in the Douglas Studio in Houston, Texas. Because of the extraordinary light appearing on it, Rev. Gordon Lindsay submitted it to the Examiner of Questioned Documents, Dr. George J. Lacy. In his expertise he confirmed that no retouching or double exposure was done. The light was there, the camera took it and it appeared on the film. This photo is the only certified document about a supernatural appearing on earth and was exhibited in the Art gallery in Washington, DC. In December 1969 I saw it for myself there, when I visited Washington.

This supernatural light descended as Brother Branham began to pray for the sick. He saw in detail things from the life of that person he was to pray for, just as it happened in the ministry of our Lord. Hundreds of recorded sermons with prayer lines are still the available proof. It has pleased the Lord to have His promised presence in His church even confirmed to unbelievers beyond any shadow of doubt in visible form after 2,000 years. William Branham testified, that it is the same light in which the Lord appeared to the Apostle Paul (Acts 9: 22- 26). He had the same ministry, the same confirmation, the same fundamental teachings about Godhead, Baptism, Lord’s Supper etc. as Paul. As I had the privilege to know his ministry for 10 years (1955-1965), I am an eyewitness before God of what happened in our time and my testimony must not be withheld from the public. I am therefore a true witness having seen, heard and experienced these things personally.

Even Evangelists, who esteem him highly and call him the »father of the healing revival«, do not comprehend that his ministry was directly connected to the Plan of Salvation through which everything was restored and brought back into its original state as it was in early Christianity. They also do not understand that the confirmation of a prophet does not exist in signs and wonders, but in what he speaks, the Words of God as they came from the lips of the Almighty. It is a pity that the majority of church leaders did not recognise the gracious visitation in our time and the high purpose connected to it. To them applies the saying of the Lord to the spiritual leaders in His day. He would have gathered His people, but they were the actual hindrance. History repeats itself indeed. Many of the healing evangelists have made themselves a great name and have established their own empire within the Kingdom of God. They preach theoretical deliverance, salvation and healing sermons, at the same time proclaim prosperity and have made themselves millionaires. God be merciful, for Mt. 7: 21-23 must also be fulfilled. Doctrinally they remained in the old traditional leaven and with it in the Babylonian captivity. They did not recognise that God, in His love and faithfulness, now in the end-time, before the »day of the Lord« breaks forth, has sent, as He promised, a true prophet of the calibre of Elijah (Mal. 4: 5-6; Mt. 17: 11 a. o.) to restore all things. Everyone knows that John was the messenger of Mal. 3: 1, not of chapter 4.

In conclusion I leave you with the following: the masses never joined the move of God in any revival, it was always a minority which was ready to walk on with Him. It was so with Israel in the beginning, and later in the course of church history repeated by all denominations , »What then? Israel hath not obtained that which he seeketh for, but the election hath obtained it …« (Rom. 11: 7). As it was with the Jews, so it is with Christians. Always only a small minority recognised what God was doing in their time. What He did in the past is known to all. But whoever lives in the presence of God will recognise and have part in what He presently does. The admonition of our Lord, »If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace!« (Lk. 19: 42) does apply in all times. Everyone must recognise the actual work of God in connection with the promised Word and the Plan of Salvation. Whoever rejects it will have to be satisfied with the indictment, »… ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?« (Lk. 12: 56).

I cannot withhold what God has done. The ministry He ordained and placed must be brought to public attention, because it happened according to the promised Word of God. As a servant of the Lord, I must be faithful and cannot deprive God’s people of the blessings from heaven. No one can demand of me that I should despise and bypass my call. On the contrary, I would like to address all in saying, »Give God the glory! Let Him be right!«, for Scripture is fulfilled before our eyes. Now we must receive the pure Bible message before the Return of Christ, the everlasting Gospel which after 2,000 years is preached in its fullness. The calling out of the Bride-Church goes forth. Everything is restored unto her, and she is being prepared and shall experience the completion.

A messenger is someone showing the way; he is not the way. The message of the Word shows us the way — Jesus Christ is the way. After reading this booklet all will have to make a decision. Whoever is not agreeing should at least be tolerant enough to let others live according to their faith and convictions. No one, not even those who speak about movements in the term of being a sect, has the right to declare fellowships who have separated from the traditional churches and their teachings to be heretics. From now on everybody knows what heresy is: it is a doctrine which does not agree with the Holy Scripture, leading astray. All denominations are full of such.

In publishing this I cherish the expectation that God, as He moved since the Reformation stepping over all religious and political boundaries, will move in His sovereignty by His Holy Spirit and give the final breakthrough to original Christianity.

Verily, we are already in the transition period to the last biblical revival. Now it is important not to miss the connection to it. For »he that comes too late will be judged by life itself!« In this case negligence can never be made right; one will have to suffer the consequences in the hereafter. Who would dare to risk it? May God show His way to us and be merciful to us all. Amen!

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