Misiunea Liberă

Isus Hristos este acelaşi ieri, azi şi în veci. Evrei 13:8


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Natural and religious history has been accompanied by turmoil and blood shed. In our century we had World War I, and II, there was the terrible »Holocaust«, the splitting of the East and West, and »Hiroshima« and »Nagasaki« and much more. The two »superpowers« divided the world since 1945. The ”cold war« reached its climax in Europe in August 1961, when the »Berlin Wall« was built, and almost escalated into a real war. Those who saw it, remember it vividly. Because of the initiative of Willy Brandt at the end of the sixties, the desired détente, known as »Ostpolitik«, finally set in. Another milestone was the historic Poland pilgrimage of the Polish Pope in 1979, which initiated the fall of communism. During the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of Berlin in June 1987, US-President Ronald Reagan visited the divided city. Looking towards the Brandenburg Gate in the East Sector of Berlin, which had been closed since 1961, he spoke the historic words to the Soviet Party leader Michail Gorbatchev:

»Mister General Secretary, if you seek peace, if you wish prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you wish liberalisation, then, please, come here to this gate! Mister Gorbatchev, open this gate! Mister Gorbatchev, tear down this wall!«

In November 1989 it happened: change came, the wall fell and the two German states were united. The divided Europe was, thanks to God, overcome peacefully and »reconciliation« and »peace and safety« became the main words for this epoch. Whatever belongs together, will finally grow together! The uniting of Germany was the prerequisite for the »United Europe«. Once again the maps had to be drawn anew. The time has come, the Euro-currency will replace those of participating countries. The whole world is somehow in the process of fulfilling Bible prophecy as predicted for the end-time. No one can stop the course of history. The developments are signs of the times and we should take heed and watch.

Now the historic »Roman Empire« is coming into existence again, as foretold in the Scriptures, is becoming soon world power number one. It is the »United Europe«, already called »Euroland«, with over 370 million inhabitants. Germany, one of the seven leading heads, which was wounded, has recovered, as seen symbolically in Revelation, chapter 13 (first part) and is the engine. The United States of America with 266 million inhabitants must be willing to share its super power status playing the role of the world-policeman, accepting second place, as also predicted symbolically in Bible prophecy (Rev. 13, second part). Political might is already represented by the United Nations — under one roof. Now the national and international economic powers join together: financial institutions, insurance companies, car factories, steel concerns, oil companies etc. In this way the world-capital on earth merges. The same applies to the religious power of the World Council of Churches, and especially to Rome, where the actual united world power is based. Does this happen only by chance all at the same time or is it the uniting of times and signs? Do things move toward a climax and finally wind up a one world government, which is also predicted for the last phase of the present age?

This uniting process which includes nations, religions, political powers, and world commerce is supposed to bring peace and prosperity to humanity. But in spite of all the agreements and efforts, tragedy will suddenly strike as announced in the Holy Scriptures, »… For when they shall say, Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.« (1 Thess. 5: 1-3 a. o.). When this uniting peace process reaches its climax, the concern will be with Israel and the Near East. In the final stage the world community will stand against Israel. »Jerusalem« will be the burden stone (Zech. 12: 3), as foretold 2,500 years ago. Whatever is predicted is going to happen, even after all the concessions Israel makes for peace. Millions of praying believers will not hinder it.

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